Back in Black

If you own a Jeep or any modern vehicle you know that those plastic parts like bumpers and fenders start out a real nice shade of black when you pull it off that dealership lot. But starting on day two, … Continued

Hidden Cove

We did an overnight camping trip over the Memorial Day Weekend down to Lake Mohave. If you are not familiar Lake Mohave is actually just a fat section of the colorado river caused by the Davis Dam down in Laughlin, … Continued

When in Rome…

You hear about these places over time and you wish you get a chance to check them out, CHECK! Recently I had the pleasure to ride out with a fine group of Jeepers to visit the Colosseum Mine at the … Continued

Jeep Porn

Added some new stickers tonight. First is an Off Road Evolution (EVO) sticker to go with my bumper and rock rails, and a R-Jeeps sticker.

WAYALIFE 2015 Kickoff run

Had a blast running the 2015 Wayalife kickoff run, colleen and I enjoyed catching up with those we have met before and meeting tons of new people. Great group to ride with. It was a cool start to the day, … Continued

Sand Hollow

A good jeeping buddy Eddie Oritz decided that for his birthday he wanted to gather all his friends and do some wheeling at Sand Hollow State park just outside Hurricane, UT. This may have been one of my all time favorite … Continued

Tater Tot Gap

Potato Ridge (aka: Rocky Gap) is a trail that runs between Red Rock recreational area and Lovell Canyon on the lower end of the Spring Mountains. I ran this trail two consecutive weekends with different people. These where my first … Continued

Wheeler Pass

It’s been a few years since I have run Wheeler’s Pass, and it’s just as beautiful as I remember. The wild horses by Cold Creek were awesome (and they showed us who was the visitor by not getting out of … Continued


Name the one thing that you do every time you go out wheeling and is a big pain in the ass, especially in the desert heat. Yup, airing down and back up again. This process can be slow and a … Continued